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One contact to make for all your Occupational Health needs

We understand

Knowledge of the workplace is integral to getting the best outcomes

Great communication

We pride ourselves on clear communication to all parties

Efficient and effective

Early high-quality intervention is the key to successful rehabilitation

Experienced local providers

Our team is a group of highly respected and experienced local professionals

Best practice

We use the latest technology and systems to help manage and understand your Occupational Health needs


and discomfort

Don’t let niggles and discomfort turn into full-blown injuries. Acting early to manage the symptoms and prevent progression will maximise employee health and minimise lost productivity and ACC claims




Managing musculoskeletal injuries with rapid physiotherapist assessment and a close professional network of providers that understand your business and communicate well will take the hassle out of trying to get the best possible rehabilitation for your employee




With Occupational Physician management and a multidisciplinary team, we specialise in managing complex medical and vocational rehabilitation, so you can be sure that everything will be done to optimise employee recovery



Minimising Risks

Investing in a robust system with high quality providers will minimise your risks and improve your bottom line. Compliance with legislation is a key aspect of managing businesses, and it is important to do this well.

Pre-employment assessments

Efficient and effective medicals which may include:

  • Confidential online medical questionnaires
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Occupational Medicine Doctor or nurse medical review

Specific medical assessments

Wide variety of medicals provided including:

  • Safety critical positions
  • Asbestos medicals
  • Executive medicals

Workplace design

Creating a safe workplace begins with design:

  • Architectural consulting services
  • Ergonomic assessments and furniture supply
  • Lifting technique classes

Health hazard management

A critical requirement for all employers is to manage workplace hazards:

  • Workplace risk analyses
  • Full health monitoring services
  • Workplace stress surveys, flu vaccines

Fitness for work monitoring

We provide accessible advice and services to help you maintain a fit workforce:

  • Periodic medical surveillance
  • Return from illness or injury
  • On-call advice for managers

Drugs and Alcohol

Independent advice on sensibly managing drug and alcohol policies:

  • Drug and alcohol policy and procedure design
  • IANZ accredited testing facilities
  • Medical Review Officer oversight and rehabilitation services

Occupational Health IT Solutions

Storage of employee medical records is fraught with potential issues, from tracking down archival information to controlling access in order to be compliant with privacy legislation. We use the latest in Occupational Health software systems to be able to keep all company occupational health data securely and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Paper-free systems

We retain all Occupational Health information electronically and securely:

  • Data backed up daily
  • No need for on-site storage of confidential data
  • Integration with payroll systems
  • Provider database of relevant work hazards and alternative duties

Online services

Save time by using our online services:

  • Electronic pre-employment questionnaires
  • Electronic health surveillance
  • Confidential workforce surveys
  • Online management referrals

Full reporting capabilities

Understand the health of your workforce:

  • Activity reports
  • Analysis of results over time
  • Target wellness programs effectively
  • Clinical interpretation of results




How are you different to other medical centres for work injuries?

  • By utilising a network of physiotherapists, we can manage acute musculoskeletal injuries as promptly as possible with a physiotherapist that understands your work, workers and workplace. We aim to minimise time off work by recommending appropriate alternative duties and to communicate promptly with managers. Where injuries are more serious or complex we are able to quickly access specialist Occupational Medicine services to provide appropriate investigations and work certification. We know that this approach promotes an earlier return to work

How do you know about the tasks that are done at our workplace?

  • With all prospective clients, we take the time to visit your workplace and understand your business. We document all of this for future reference. We expect to establish a long-term partnership with our client companies and so it’s important that we know you well. We also encourage and assist you to development of appropriate alternative duties so that time off work is minimised.

Who do you already work with?

  • Our group has contracts in place with organisations diverse as NZ Post, Print mail, Coverstaff International, Readymix concrete and Air New Zealand. We are happy to provide referees should you wish to talk to someone about our service.

What communication can I expect regarding injured employees?

  • The Health and safety officer or appropriate team leader will receive a written report within 24 hours of the injured worker being assessed. This report will clearly lay out the injury, likely duration of incapacity and most importantly describes what alternative duties can be performed by the individual. These will be specific to your work place.

How can the OHC approach save our business money?

  • The main contributor to your ACC levies is the time off work as a result of workplace injuries. Reducing this through early quality intervention, providing alternative duties, appropriate work capacity certification, and good communication can produce major savings in ACC levies, up to 30% in some industries.
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